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A son in-law. A mother in-law. Together we form a team of spice artisans dedicated to meticulously handcrafting awesomeness.


We are makers of handcrafted spice blends. Each blend is crafted from a small batch of freshly sourced, toasted, and ground spices in our Shop near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

We believe in being authentic in all that we do. That belief compels us to create, rather than settle for something unexceptional. We could have created anything, but a love of food and flavor inspired us to create spice blends.

What started as a hobby, turned into a craft, and now we make spice blends that showcase the purity and the clarity of flavor. Our products contain more than just spices; they highlight our journey and communicate our contagious passion.

We would love for you to try them.

We believe in being authentic in all that we do. That belief compels us to create, rather than settle for something unexceptional.

Handcrafted Process

It starts with responsibly sourcing single-origin spice crops from our partner farmers. Generations-old family farms use traditional growing methods to cultivate crops such as Nutmeg in the volcanic soil of Matale, Sri Lanka, just as easily as Sumac berry in the arid earth of the Negev desert in Israel.

We craft our spice blends in small batches by gently toasting the raw, whole spices to bring their essential oils to the surface, thereby maximizing their flavor profile. Once cooled, we grind the spices to intensely release those same oils, amplifying their freshness in the process. Immediately afterwards, we hand-blend the spices together, leaving them sit for a few minutes to allow the flavors to marry.

Through this process, we pay respect to the craft of spice-blending and honor our namesake, Calicut, India. Nicknamed “The City of Spices”, Calicut was the major trading port for moving eastern spices west towards Europe. So renowned were the region’s spice farmers and artisans, and so coveted were their crops, that the city helped launch the Age of Discovery. Portuguese, Spanish, English, and Dutch expeditions sailed to the port to trade for the city’s revered spices, eventually bringing them to America through European colonial settlements.

And as Calicut once introduced handcrafted spices to America, we thought a reunion might be in order.

Our Shop

Visit our Shop and you will immediately notice the lovely aroma coming from the back-room where we freshly grind and blend our farm-sourced spices. Walk through our rustic, contemporary-designed retail space where you can browse our entire portfolio of spice blends and single-origin ground spices, all freshly handcrafted each week.


A key principle of our business has always been to inspire others. However, inspiration works both ways, and throughout our journey, we’ve been tremendously inspired by the efforts of several local artisans and makers. Their passion and dedication to their craft captivates, and motivates us to continue to innovate.

This inspiration has bred several product collaborations with incredibly gifted and creative, local makers that genuinely share our values and commitment to authenticity. Our product collaborations include handcrafted soaps, sugar scrubs, candles, cocoas, baked goods, etc. — all of which use and emphasize our spices, while simultaneously showcasing the talents of our partners.

These products are the culmination of considerable amounts of invested energy and creative thought among artisans, and perfectly illustrate the collaborative process. Maker-collaborative products are available exclusively in our brick and mortar Shop.