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North African Harissa

North African Harissa

All-Natural and Gluten Free $ 9.00
Our interpretation of the fiery condiment made from chiles, that is prevalent throughout North African kitchens. While we build this blend first and foremost on freshly toasted and ground chiles for an element of punchy heat, it is the addition of African-cuisine spices, including a slight bit of Caraway, that creates a multi-dimensional blend which balances a mellow savoriness with gentle heat. We love this blend on any meat or vegetable dish, but try adding some lemon juice and olive oil to the spice to make a Harissa paste, then rub the paste onto meats or toss onto vegetables before roasting/grilling.
Size: 2.3 oz
  • Details

    Four types of chiles are slow toasted and freshly ground to attain a fruity, balanced heat, with slight notes of smokiness. Toasted Coriander, Cumin, and Garlic are then added for a savory, mellow depth. Lastly, we add toasted Caraway for a touch of authentic earthy bitterness to create a blend that isn't simply built on heat, but rather a depth of flavor.

  • Ingredients

    Handcrafted from New Mexico Chile, Hungarian Sweet Paprika, Smoked Spanish Paprika, Coriander, Cumin, Caraway, Garlic, Cayenne Chile, and Sea Salt.